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Emergency Eye Care And More

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

In looking at the site and figuring out your options in the local area, you might be wondering what we do at Two Trees Optometry from day to day.

We are actively involved in helping residents with their eye care and preserving their vision, which means knowing a little bit about some of the hazards related to eyesight and pressure on the eye. Actually, knowing more than a little bit! We take pride in our track record and credentials as a top optometry office in the area and a place for patients to feel comfortable and well served getting assistance.

Floaters, Etc.

Some of the more common emergency eye care work that we do revolves around retinal pressure.

You may have at one time in your life experienced floaters, which are small bits of vitreous jelly floating across the surface of the eye. Some of them are clear and transparent, but some might have more density.

What these have in common is that they’re related to retinal pressure: that can detach a bit of tissue and cause it to float around. But there's a broader issue of retinal detachment where too much of this pressure can detach the whole thing and cause major visual impairment.

Some of the symptoms involve “seeing stars,” as you would associate with some of the old boxing cartoons and other comic depictions of head impact. Alternately, you might experience a kind of “veil” over tour vision that indicated pressure. Knowing the warning signs is important!

When there's too much pressure on the retina, you have pulling that threatens to pull the layer loose and cause problems.

So we evaluate that as part of examinations at Two Trees. Ask us about any eye conditions that you have, and the treatment options at your disposal.

Alternative Treatments

We also consult on conditions like strabismus, where a patient may benefit from having an eye patch or taking a medication.

There is surgery for strabismus, but some people would like to start with less invasive treatment.

In general, eye patches help an eye to rest, which may help with overall recovery and alleviation of certain symptoms related to eye conditions.

Take a look at the website for more. In helping patients with setting up routine exams, in conducting emergency consults, and in treating the whole family with precision eyeglasses prescriptions, we are proud of our involvement in the community and how we serve local families here.

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