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Orderliness and Organization in Optometry

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Want to go to a good eye doctor? Two Trees Optometry provides high-quality optometry services with attention to the best new science and transparent care models for our patients.

The field of optometry provides much-needed services to Americans of all ages, and eye doctors often see entire families, to help with any vision needs or eye-related conditions that might require diagnosis and treatment.

One of the important elements of providing great patient care in this field is to have a good clinical workflow process to always orient patients to what's happening and why tests and procedures are being done.

Our Advanced Technology and Optometry Services

Two Trees Optometry has invested in some of the best cutting-edge technology for diagnosing eye conditions and improving health outcomes for patients.

We have digital retinal imaging technology that can help detect problems like glaucoma and macular degeneration, conditions that can be best dealt with when diagnosed early.

We have digital anterior segment imaging that can look for signs of corneal abrasions, conjunctivitis or dry eye syndrome.

We also have a range of glasses and specialty contact lenses available to help deal with eyesight challenges for a particular patient. Having all of this ready is a way to meet the needs of a diverse community of patients – to really be on top of things in a way that works out for those who have chosen to come to us for care.

A Welcoming Environment

We've found that a medical office works a lot better when patients know what to expect and are confident through every step of the consultation or any other visit.

It's disorienting to come into a doctor's office and just be poked and prodded, without understanding what's being done, and why.

Our friendly and attentive staff make sure that patients are comfortable in our office and that they're informed as they go about getting the optometry services they need. We feel like that's the standard for quality care – something that should be in place in any office.

Getting test results out, fully explaining tests and procedures, and taking time to listen to patients pays big dividends for us, and it's also one of the things that our patients like best about visiting our doctors. Come in and see how you can get your optometry needs met at Two Trees Optometry in a casual, friendly setting, by highly qualified medical professionals and great support staff. We'll be happy to see you!

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