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Coronavirus and Optometry

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

What does it mean to practice optometry today? If you would have asked this question only a few months ago, the answer would have been a lot different.

Federal and state governments are creating new guidelines for all businesses. That includes every business in the healthcare sector. Industry groups like the American Ophthalmology Association are also weighing in on best practices and creating universal suggestions for a standard of care that is meant to protect patients and healthcare staff. These are very important changes to understand for anyone in the eye care business – and we have our eyes on these national announcements and guidelines, in order to serve our community well.

New Rules for Medically Necessary Businesses

First of all, state governors in many U.S. states are shutting down all non-essential businesses. That means entertainment centers, hairstyling salons, and nail salons are closing, but doctor’s offices are staying open.

Optometry is one of those medically necessary practices where offices will be staying open through at least part of the coronavirus epidemic lockdown. The conundrum that providers face involves how to stay open without facilitating the further spread of contagion. It’s a tough line to walk, but with the right oversight, eye care offices can do their part to support all of the needs of the community. At Two Trees Optometry, we’re paying attention!

Rules for Healthcare Workers

Many of the new standards put in place for clinical care during coronavirus are meant to protect healthcare workers and limit the spread of the contagion. This may include personal protective equipment, and may also segment clinical care into different areas that are individually ventilated or occupied. The “group guidelines” developed by authorities may be useful here.

Other standards have to do with documentation and universalizing protocol. The better an office can clearly adhere to these practices, the more secure it's going to be. It will also enhance the reputation of the office in these trying times. If there is anything that we’ve learned during this crisis, it’s that communications, careful and deliberate communications, are important. It’s important to have clarity, transparency, and clearness of protocol and policy when navigating the coronavirus world.

In the Ventura, CA community, Two Trees Optometry is a trusted service provider of optometry care. We are complying with all protocols and suggestions in order to offer high-quality services to our guests. We will continue to place updates on our web site and build a better model for taking care of your eyes safely.

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