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The Benefits of Investing in Progressive Lenses

Perfect eyesight is something most people take for granted. For over 164 million Americans, achieving perfect vision requires them to wear prescription eyeglasses. Selecting the right lenses to put in a pair of prescription eyeglasses is harder than it seems due to all of the options on the modern market.

The more you know about the prescription lens options at your disposal, the easier it will be to make an educated decision regarding which ones to buy. Progressive lenses are widely used by people with vision issues. Read below to find out more about these lenses and the benefits they provide.

What Are Progressive Lenses?

By the time the average person reaches the age of 35, they will have a hard time focusing on objects that are close to them. Presbyopia is the clinical name for this age-induced eye condition. In the past, people with this condition had to wear bifocals. Not only are bifocals unappealing, they can also be hard to use for newcomers. This is why progressive lenses were invented.

Progressive lenses are multifocal lenses that allows the user to see both close and distant objects. With the help of progressive lenses, you can remove the aggravation of wearing multiple pairs of glasses to see the world around you. Progressive lenses have three sections.

The upper section is designed to see objects that are far away clearly. The middle and lower sections of the progressive lens help the wearer see objects up close and at middle distances.

The Advantages of Using Progressive Lenses

Over 4 million people over the age of 40 have visual impairments. If you have problems seeing objects close to you in your existing eyeglasses, it might be time to consider using progressive lenses. These lenses provide many benefits, which we will cover below.

Avoid Unsightly Bifocal Lines

Having a noticeable line through the middle of your eyeglass lens can be extremely unappealing. If you are self-conscious about wearing these types of lenses, then you need to find a modern replacement. Progressive lenses are made to shift gradually. This means that you will not have the unsightly line common in bifocal lenses.

Eliminate The Need For Multiple Pairs of Eyeglasses

If you have to put on a different pair of glasses to read or view objects in the distance, then you are probably looking for a better alternative. Eliminating the need for multiple pairs of eyeglasses will be easy if you switch to progressive lenses.

Make The World Around You Clearer

The older you get, the harder it will be to keep your perfect vision intact. If you have started to experience By using these lenses, you can make the world you live in much clearer.

Do you think progressive lenses are the right fit for your needs? If so, it is time to let the team at Two Trees Optometry help you out.

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